What do you have with us

sale of ebooks

We have the most complete encyclopedia of Ebooks on the market. Perfect for training senior executives in senior positions. Also for the big companies that are developing their startups for fintech

educational software

We have the most advanced technology programs on the market. Perfect to adapt to the educational platforms needed by the companies that hire our services. Our engineers are ready to help you in your next projects!

executive training

We offer ebooks for training to groups of senior executives. There are already many companies that choose us for this service. We have material in the area of training that meets the needs of those who hire us to solve their problems

Sale of GDPR manuals

The GDPR Handbook is an online handbook for micro-enterprises, providing detailed guidance to help them understand How the GDPR affects their enterprises

software development and compliance training

Software testing and compliance trainings where employees log in, download the book and complete the exam.

We sell in large quantities to ebook distributors.


We give you the option to put together your pack of ebooks of your choice according to the needs of your company.

We leave you a catalog so that you can visualize some of our options